Shoot day minus 3

Just 3 days until the shoot begins!  Today I was in Manchester at ProVision where I met Danny Thomson.  I collected some in-line dimmers to control light fixtures on set.  I’ll be controlling the light level with ND but, when I’m up against it, a quick tweak on a dimmer will be helpful.

I also met Peter Green at ProVision who showed me the camera goodies, which is a bit like being in a very expensive sweet shop. I came home and returned part of an underwater splashbag to Jenny at Cameras Underwater – she’s kindly letting me exchange for the product I should have selected in the first place.  I also contacted Rene at Alphatron who sorted me out with my electronic viewfinder.  I took some time out to read Andy Reid’s article:

‘Why I am going with 4K and why you should too’

…don’t tell the Director – we’ve got a mere 2.5k…(and my brand new and fully pimped up iMac only just copes with that).  

I’m on set in the morning. I’m going to spend tomorrow and Sat getting ahead of the game by lighting the various rooms we’re in.

Toby’s kit to add to my own:



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