Down to the nitty gritty.  As first time DoP I’m trying to work out the follow…

0:00 – 0:14 mins/secs (thanks to Craig, the gaffer).

The practicalities are difficult – a cam move is required that starts as per the angle shown and develops towards the fireplace to pivot around the character in the chair as someone walks past the window…thus revealing the lighting rig reflected in the windows (1x 2k Arri, through a doubled-over piece of muslin with a flag to try and minimise light on the white wall left-of-frame).

I want more shadows on the camera-left side of face, but there is so much bounce from the white wall filling in the shadows.  I like the look and softness of the 2K + muslin but it’s a bit of a blunt tool in terms of the spill and I might be better with a Dedo / Lite Panel, used directly, to increase contrast in the scene.   Also, if I use a Dedo, I may be able to rig higher, maybe from the ceiling, to avoid reflections seen when the camera develops.  Any thoughts, please?

0:15 – 0:56

I think the corridor will look good.  There are two skylights in the ceiling and, in this test, there is a light panel in each.  I’ll double up and have 2x light panels in each skylight to make the coverage a little greater as the characters walk beneath.  With the addition of black wrap around the fire exit sign, ND over the light illuminating the tree b/g, ND over the light illuminating the steps and CTO (maybe x2) over the v. blue light over the f/g light which illuminates the top of Craig’s head, I think it will look suitably moody.

0:55 – 1:08: The staircase.

Lit with 1x750w Arri bounced off wall behind the cam gives v. flat boring coverage.  I’d like a nice gradient on the walls.  May need direct light from the Dedo but I don’t want the light intensity to increase as the actors near the top of the stairs and the lamp next to cam…tricky spaces.  Dedo would reduce the spill and keep it moody.

2:00 – 2:05

The addition of a light panel means the characters won’t be in silhouette so much but maybe the level of the light panel could be reduced to keep it moody?

There’s a theme…a move from the soft light towards more controllable direct light from Dedos.


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