First day under our belts

Today went well, I think. We did finish without completing all the scheduled scenes, and overran, but then again, I honestly ran my socks off.

There were lots of challenges for me. Shooting through mirrors, sorry windows!…while trying not to see myself or any of the lamps reflected, that was hard, but we got round that. There was trying to ETTR (Expose To The Right i.e. overexpose without clipping data) on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and still judge whether the light on the actors was at the right level compared to the background – feels like a guessing game. I tried to keep my key lights at 90 degrees to the actors and keep the shadows towards the lens…moody.

The oconnor pan and tilt head arrived. I’ll be using that tomorrow. I must get someone to take some pics tomorrow.

After an exhausting day, the director was happy with my efforts. Can’t wait to go in tomorrow morning and to look over some of the stuff we shot over breakfast…I’m living, sleeping, dreaming The Renata Road. Good night.



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