China Ball

Well the china ball really came into it’s own yesterday. It provided lovely soft lighting on the actors and left the background nice and dark (and the lighting didn’t need changing between passes). But what a long day and what a lot of ‘coverage’ in the scenes we did – swapping camera position to catch every line and look between three actors. We must have heard the same lines 20 times…v patient actors.

Thanks to my Dad for diverting past B&Q for the DIY china ball on the way to a family gathering yesterday.

During the last scene I operated the pan and tilt handle with my right hand while tracking the dolly along the track myself with my left…only the opposite of what I’ve done for what, 15 years, that’s how tired I was – I didn’t even notice. I thought it was unusually difficult to hold the pivot! The shot would have been a whole lot easier had I remembered how I usually do it (I’d got used to operating ENG, Electronic News-Gathering, style with my right hand over the previous 14 hrs!).

Then I couldn’t find the GoPro…it was plugged in to the Mac all along which I overlooked about 3 times…remembered what the steering wheel did and got home safely anyway!

Right, enough social media. Time to back up yesterday’s files.


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