Smoke On The Water

I think 3 days have gone by and I think I’ve done 6 shifts shooting the Renata Road in that time. Days are merging. Just to illustrate my confusion, on 5 February I worked from 18:00 hours through to 7:00 on 6 February (my birthday!!). Saw my wife and boy between 8:15 and 8:30, went to bed then returned to the set in the early afternoon to continue: I think I had 2 birthdays.

We’ve been shooting in a swimming pool for the last 2 days. Everything had to be battery powered. No china ball this time. I lit with light panels. B camera (Black Magic Cinema Camera) had to run in a splash bag with no external battery – that meant 30 minutes between battery charges. Not good for production but did mean lots of breaks!

And then…a tear found in the splash bag! Water on my lens and BMCC. Not cool.

The whole swimming pool shoot was improvised and I had my Miller tripod / pan-tilt head in the water which didn’t really do the kit any good (update: Miller pan/tilt head is no more – an expensive sequence!). The camera, with splash bag, was ratchet-strapped to the pan / tilt head. It was a bit of a compromise with the available kit but we got the shots. I learnt lots like pointing the lamps down to get the shimmer of the water up the walls, opening the door to the outside for 30 secs to get smoke on the water…and with that deep purple rif in mind I say good night.


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