What’s it like to shoot a feature film?

I’m about to find out. ¬†This is my new blog about being Cinematographer on the film The Renata Road, with Director Ed Greenberg.

I’ll post some thoughts as the film gets made. ¬†Shooting starts on Monday 20 January 2014. So this first post: just saying THANK YOU to all the people who have got us this far, including the lovely people at oconnor who today said they’d send me a head and legs on Friday.

I’ve spent longer organising and packing my gear than I would if I were going on a very long holiday. But what exciting gear!!! Black Magic Cinema Camera, Zeiss primes (thanks to my friend Phil Carr) and loads of accessories, iMac, GoPro etc. Check out the pic. Prepare to be amazed!*


Back to school for me…getting to grips with the cinematography, Raw video, and operating camera, all at the same time.

OK, that’s it for starters.

*There will be lots of over-excited talk about gear on this blog…comments Mrs Cullen.